Research projects

PhD 12: Understanding the evolution of informal water markets in Eastern Africa *THIS POSITION HAS ALREADY BEEN FILLED


Host institution: University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Principal supervisor: Prof. Dustin Garrick
Co-supervisor: Prof. Nadine Reis

This PhD position will:

  1. Establish an analytical framework for examining the emergence, evolution and performance of informal markets
  2. Conduct a meta-analysis or systematic review of informal water markets that characterises the institutional arrangements
  3. Develop longitudinal studies in two to four sites in Kenya and Tanzania, covering a rapidly growing town and large city in each country
  4. Identify and assess the institutional arrangements governing informal markets, examining patterns of collective action and the shifting boundaries of the state, market and community in water access and allocation
  5. Explain the emergence and evolution of informal markets in the context of different patterns of decentralisation and urbanisation.

Expected results:

  1. Theoretical contribution to our understanding of collective action in market-based water governance, including hypotheses regarding the dynamics of institutional development and change
  2. Analytical contribution to conceptualise, measure and compare the design and performance of institutional arrangements underpinning informal water markets
  3. Empirical contribution through the development of longitudinal observatories of water markets across a different levels of decentralisation (Tanzania versus Kenya) and levels of urbanisation (intermediate sized cities versus rural towns)
  4. Training contribution through the multi-method, interdisciplinary and field based research into informal markets and institutions.


Dr. Dustin Garric
Associate professor of environmental management
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Dr.Nadine Reis
Professor at the Center for Demographic, Urban and Environmental Studies (CEDUA)
Colegio de México, Mexico


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