Next water governance

The NEWAVE project aims to point the way forward in the global debate about water governance. It does so by developing research and training for a new generation of future water governance leaders, and by equipping them with the transdisciplinary skills to better tackle water challenges.

About us

What we do?

The rising threats of future water crises and hydro-social challenges, present an urgent need to enhance the global capacity to reflect critically on the current water governance trajectory.

Bring together

an excellent trans-national and transdisciplinary network of water governance organisations


Develop and implement

a cutting-edge actionable research agenda on the key water governance priorities and insights for future directions

Research projects


a new generation of water governance and ensure that they have trans- and interdisciplinary skills

Training Programme

Upcoming events

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For everyone interested in groundwater, a fabulous webinar, bringing together diverse perspectives from a range of experts: Reimagining Groundwater Governance (gwG) with a special emphasis on India (this is only the first of 3 sessions!) via @YouTube
🐌 New #DegrowthBasics post! 🌱 Read for the 8 principles commonly found throughout degrowth thinking & doing, as offered by Corinna Burkhart, Dennis Eversberg, @MGSchmelzer, & @n_treu in the essential text, "Degrowth in Movement(s)", edited by Burkhart, Schmelzer, & Treu.